Why Myne Global?

A safer community

Imagine a scenario where a Los Angeles Police patrol identifies an individual behaving suspiciously near a mall often targeted by thieves. They decide to conduct a stop and search, discovering several watches and cell phones in the numbers of these devices directly on their phones or by calling the central Police station.

The results are nothing short of remarkable, 2 watches and 3 cell phones are revealed to have been reported as stolen. Consequently, the suspect is arrested and taken in for questioning. Their possession of stolen items gives the Police legitimate grounds to search the suspect's residence, where they uncover numerous stolen items.

Although the above example is fictitious, it accurately portrays how registering property on Myne Global can expedite results for law enforcement agencies, ultimately deterring property crime.

As a victim of robbery, Myne Global offers you a lifeline to retrieve your stolen valuables. While police departments are doing an admirable job investigating and arresting thieves, they often find themselves with shelves filled with recovered stolen items. Unfortunately, they face a significant challenge in determining who the rightful owners are and how to contact them. This challenge becomes even more daunting when victims come from different cities, states, or even countries.

Myne Global bridges this gap, providing a seamless means for law enforcement to connect with victims and return their cherished belongings. It serves as a global beacon of hope for victims, ensuring that no matter where they reside, their stolen possessions can find their way back home.

Help bring your lost pets home

Myne Global is set to be embraced by law enforcement agencies, auction houses, dealers, insurers, pawnbrokers, and the fine arts trade. It will empower anyone dealing with valuable items to instantly confirm whether they've been reported lost, stolen, or looted. Law enforcement agencies will actively contribute lost or stolen item data to Myne Global, enhancing data accuracy and crime-solving capabilities while effectively reducing property crimes.

In conclusion, Myne Global is a transformative system that not only strengthens the ability of law enforcement to combat property theft but also provides peace of mind to the public, knowing that their stolen belongings can be tracked down with greater efficiency. Join us in making our communities safer with Myne Global.

Picture yourself living in the vibrant city of Miami, surrounded by your beloved family and loyal canine companions. The sun-drenched days of summer are upon you, and you've decided to embark on an exciting vacation to the bustling city of Los Angeles.

As you explore the picturesque mountain trails of Los Angeles, a sudden mishap occurs, one of your cherished dogs dashes away into the vast wilderness. Panic sets in, and you realize that you don't have the microchip number on hand to report your pet as missing to the local authorities, animal control, or nearby veterinarians.

In a stroke of luck, you recall that you had previously registered your furry friend with Myne Global. Without wasting any time, you access the Myne Global app and swiftly declare your precious pet as missing, providing all the essential details.

Little did you know, this single act would be your lifeline. If someone stumbles upon your lost dog during their mountain adventure and lends a helping hand, they can easily access the Myne Global database. With your contact information readily available, they can reach out to you directly, reuniting you with your beloved pet.

Even in the unlikely event that your canine companion is found wandering the city streets and is picked up by vigilant animal control services, they too can utilize the Myne Global database to swiftly locate you and arrange a heartwarming reunion.

Gone are the days of posting countless flyers on light poles across town, hoping for a miracle. Thanks to Myne Global, your pet's journey back to your loving arms is streamlined and efficient. No matter where or how your lost pet is found, Myne Global ensures that they will find their way back to you, bringing peace of mind to pet owners everywhere.

Your trusted partner

Myne Global isn't just a tool, it's a game-changer. It offers consumers and businesses a secure online portfolio for cataloging their valuables, simplifying property identification in the event of loss or theft.

Our platform also serves as a confidential resource for victims of property crime to report stolen items, significantly enhancing the chances of recovery. This not only benefits individuals but also law enforcement agencies.

One of Myne Global's standout features is its real-time data updates. Information within the system is constantly refreshed by owners, insurers, industry organizations, and the general public on a global scale.

Account holders can rest assured that their registered items, along with limited ownership details, are accessible to government agencies tasked with tracing lost and stolen property. The likes of local and national police departments, the FBI, and insurance companies can tap into this invaluable resource to reunite goods with their rightful owners.

A substantial volume of stolen goods is recovered regularly, ranging from large-scale theft rings to small-time criminals. Regardless of the scale, the police can utilize our system to quickly identify the registered owners of recovered items. Communication is facilitated through "requests" created by finders, ensuring the privacy of the owner's personal information.

Myne Global extends its services to purchasers of used goods, providing them with essential history reports. These reports, bearing the official Myne Global seal, offer assurance of an item's legitimacy, often leading to superior resale prices, similar to how Carfax functions in the automotive industry.

What can I register in my account?

You can register the following types of valuable:
- Animal
- Art
- Automobile
- Clothing
- Collectible
- Crypto
- Firearm
- Jewelry
- Leather goods
- Motorcycle
- Sneakers
- Technology
- Trading cards
- Vintage
- Watch
- Child ID
- And any other valuable you want

Myne Global keeps your data Safe

Never worry about losing your data with cloud storage.

If you lose your phone or tablet, just log in with a new device, and your data is sent via encryption to your new device.

Myne Global is also free of any ads, ensuring none of your data is secretly shared with third parties.

Does Myne Global backup my data?

Yes, we do!

The reason why we have users create an account by signing up is so that your data can be stored safely in the cloud.

This allows you to sign in on another device, and still have all the data you have entered.

Is my data private?

Yes, it is. Myne Global does not and never will share data with any other third party.

We do use the data you add to compare items to our recall database and alert you with a notification if we find a match and recommend suggested products.

Any analysis by Myne Global is done to provide and improve upon our services to you and uses no user-identifiable profile information.

My app has frozen or crashed, what do I do?

Occasionally this happens to some users, and it is often due to a problem with your device's data storage. Thankfully this is an easy fix, simply delete the app from your phone, and download it again from the App Store.

All your data will not be lost! Once you download the app, simply sign in with your username and password.

In the unlikely event the issue persists, please email support@mynegobal.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible!