Security & Myne Global ID

Your Myne Global ID is the account that you use to sign in to Myne Global Services and includes your contact, payment, and security details.

Myne Global uses best-in-class security technologies to help secure your data.

Never give your Myne Global ID password, verification codes, device passcode, recovery key, or any account security details to anyone else. Myne Global will never ask you for this information.

Myne Global has strict policies and procedures in place to prevent unauthorized access to your Myne Global ID. When you contact us for support, we may ask you to confirm your Myne Global ID via a notification that we send to your device.

Protect your Myne Global ID and password

To help protect your Myne Global ID and all the important content that you store with Myne Global, you can follow these recommendations.

Protect your account with two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is designed to make sure that you're the only person who can access your Myne Global ID, even if someone else knows your password. When you enter your Myne Global ID and password for the first time on a new device, that device asks for the verification code that is displayed automatically on your trusted devices.

Create a unique username.

Choose the Register menu then follow the onscreen steps.

The email address that you provide will be your new Myne Global ID.

Check your email for a verification email from Myne Global and verify your email address.

After you verify your email address, you can use your new Myne Global ID to sign in to the Myne Global services.

Keep your Myne Global ID password private.

Myne Global requires that you use a strong password for your Myne Global ID.

When creating a new password, please ensure it meets the following criteria:

- Length: Choose a password with a minimum of 8 characters. For enhanced security, we recommend a length of 12-14 characters.

- Complexity: Include a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

- Character composition: Your password should contain at least one uppercase letter, one number, and one special character.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can significantly enhance the strength and security of your account password. Remember to choose a password that is unique and not easily guessable to further protect your account.

Never share your Myne Global ID password, verification codes, or account security details with anyone. Don't use your Myne Global ID password with other online accounts.

Don't share a Myne Global ID, don't share an account with other people, even family members. Sharing a Myne Global ID means that you're giving someone else access to all of your personal content. If someone else helped you set up your Myne Global ID and password, change your password.

Keep your account information up to date

Myne Global notifies you by email, text, or notification when changes are made to your account, such as when you sign in for the first time on a new device or change your password.

If you receive a notification but don't remember making changes, someone else might have wrongfully accessed your account.

You should change your password immediately and always keep your account information up to date.

Learn how to change your Myne Global ID password

Keep your account information up to date

Additional tips to protect your device and data

Use a device passcode. For better security, you can set a passcode on your device—or login password—to help protect your data. Use Face ID if your device supports it.

Keep your software up to date. Make sure you update your device whenever software updates are available.

Protect your personal information. Learn how Myne Global designs products to protect your privacy and give you control over your information.

Don't fall for scams. If it sounds like a scam, assume that it is. Follow online safety tips to avoid phishing and other online scams.